Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship Students

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship Students are recruited and selected in three ways:

1. Embassy Recommendation

・Research Student, Undergraduate Student
Applications to become an embassy-recommended Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Student (research student) can be submitted through the nearest Japanese diplomatic mission. Selections will be made by the overseas diplomatic mission, and successful applicants will travel to Japan in April or October. The selection schedule differs for each country.

・Teacher training and Japanese studies student
Recruitment for the next fiscal year (for those arriving in Japan in October) is made between December of the previous year and the following February. Successful applicants will attend the following program in Shinshu University.

Please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General located in your country for details. For more information, please check the following web site.

2. University Recommendation

・Research Student
University-recommended MEXT Scholarship Students (research students) are recommended by a Japanese university directly to MEXT. Faculty members desiring that a student be admitted to Shinshu University contact directly the candidate or the candidate's academic advisor. The selection is made at Shinshu University, then a recommendation is submitted to the MEXT. Selected candidates basically arrive in Japan in October.

・Japanese studies student
Shinshu University directly recommends the selected candidates to MEXT. Japanese studies students arrive in Japan in October according to Shinshu University Japanese Studies Student program.

3. Domestic Selection

In this category, candidates enrolled at a university in Japan as privately financed international students are recommended to the MEXT by the university. Individuals who are currently enrolled in, or advancing to, a master's or doctoral program at a Japanese graduate school as regular students, and who have displayed particularly excellent performance, are eligible to apply. Shinshu University will recruit candidates through the academic affairs channels of each department, select candidates internally, then recommend to the MEXT. If selected, candidates will be paid a scholarship as MEXT Scholarship Student beginning in April.

Inquiry about Japanese Government Scholarship Students

Please contact Shinshu University Center for Global Education and Collaboration (GEC) through the Contact Form. The Japanese Language Training Course is held as a preparatory Japanese language course for Japanese Government Scholarship Students.

Contact Form

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