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In case the contents of Application Guidelines need to be changed due to the unexpected circumstances such as disasters or infectious diseases, the information will be updated on our website. Please be sure to check the latest information on our website.

Admissions for 6 Divisions

The following information concerns the application guidelines and documents for the general entrance exam and the entrance exam geared toward working people. Applicants should use the required forms, which can be downloaded here.
Please get approval of the desired advisor before applications.

Schedule of Entrance Examination

Admission Term April 2024
October 2024
Online Application Registration From 9:00 a.m. on November 23 to December 8,2023
Submission of Application Documents From November 30 to December 8,2023
Documents must arrive no later than 5:00 p.m.
Academic Test January 23, 2024

Applicant Guidelines

Applicant Guidelines

Online Application Site

Please check the student application guidelines to register your application.

Click here for information on the Internet application

Application Form

The documents required will differ for different individuals.
Before submitting the documents required, please check the student application guidelines to determine what is and is not required, and for instructions on filling out the forms.

All: All applicants required to submit, Some: Only corresponding applicants required to submit, None: No one required to submit.

Document number Application Form
Documents with this mark can be downloaded.)
General selection Working Student Special Selection
1 Admission Qualification Screening Report Some Some
2 Certificates of Examination (or certificate of expected success in the examination) and documents about examination criteria Some Some
3 Resume of academic background, past activities, working experience, etc. Some Some
4 Admission Checking Sheet (submission sheet) All All
5 Address-Sheet [only for mail] Some Some
6 Photo (for uploading) All All
7 Official Transcripts (undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate schools (e.g. Master)) Some Some
8 Certificate of Completion or Graduation (or Expected Completion or Expected Graduation) Some Some
9 A Copy of Master's Thesis Some Some
10 Summary of Master's Thesis /Research Progress Report (MS Word format) All All
11 Research Achievements Report (MS Word format) Some Some
12 Research Plan (MS Word format) All All
13 Consent for Examination None All
14 Work History None All
15 A Copy of a passport Some Some
16 Certificate of Japanese Government Scholarship Students Some Some
17 A Copy of Result of Admission Qualification Screening Some Some
18 Special Measures Request Report for Working Student Special Selection None Some

Applicant's Knowledge

Applicant's Knowledge
Applicant's Knowledge

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding the entrance exam, please make a request for an entrance consultation or application guidelines.

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