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Applied Biology Division


(1) Research using biomaterials

  • Unraveling the intravital protein synthesis mechanism, and search and application of useful protein resources

  • Analysis of functions and structure of nucleic acids, protein, etc., and analysis and application of their interaction mechanism

  • Development of biomaterials by using biotechnological techniques, and research of functional analysis

(2) Research using microbes

  • Genomic-level applied microbial research about Bacillus subtilis and their related organisms

  • Unraveling the bacterium biofilm forming and surface stress response mechanism

  • Function analysis of plant organelles (vacuoles and chloroplasts), and development of plant production system in closed system

  • Analysis of secondary metabolism enzyme and genetic function of plants, and their application in metabolic control, material production, etc.

  • Improvement of crop form, disease resistance, environmental stress resistance, etc.

(3) Research using animals and insects

  • Conservation of genetic resources of mammals, and development of reproduction technology

  • Functional unraveling of various stem cells such as ES cells and iPS cells, and their application in regenerative medicine

  • Molecular analysis and applicable technology development of seasonal occurrence plasticity of insects

  • Collection and conservation of genetic resources of domesticated silkworms and wild silkworms, and fostering new practical phyletic line

(4) Research for environmental conservation

  • Freshwater ecology and environmental hygiene (sciences for researching the relationship between human health and water environment conservation)

  • Development of environmental chemistry fields such as environmental analysis, toxicity evaluation method, environmental purification method, etc.

Applied Biology Division

Effective use of microbial resources

Main Research Theme

  • Research of plant molecular breeding and bio-fiber monopodium biorefinery by using genomic engineering
  • Research of microbial chitinolytic enzyme and fungus biotechnology, and search of useful microbes
  • Unraveling the substrate recognition mechanism of enzymes for decomposing biopolymers
  • Research of plant organelle function, and development of highly functional vegetables and energy-saving cultivation system in plant factories
  • Analysis of chloroplast morphogenesis mechanism, and molecular breeding of head-forming vegetables
  • Conservation and effective use of mammal resources
  • Analysis of reaction mechanism of plant low-molecular-weight compounds modifying enzymes, and their fundamental and application research for material production
  • Improvement of Agrobacterium tumefaciens for transformation of eukaryotic organisms
  • Development of genome analysis technology for higher plants, and unraveling the sex determination mechanisms
  • Unraveling the steric constitution and function of proteins, and design, development, and application research of artificial proteins
  • Unraveling the gene-expression control mechanism using ribosome, and development of poorly soluble protein expression system
  • Research of regenerative medicine and reproduction technology using sperm stem cells/li>
  • Genome analysis of domesticated silkworms, wild silkworms, and other fiber-producing living objects, and development and utilization of superior phylesis
  • Research and development of silk used as material, and its application technology
  • Research of relationship between biocenosis (in freshwater areas such as rivers and lakes) and environment
  • Development of new environmental purification techniques and environmental pollution evaluation method
  • Unraveling the mechanism of insect shape changing with seasons
  • Unraveling the necessary salinity resistance mechanism of plants, and fundamental and application research for resistant plant production
  • Unraveling the function of cell surface components of gram-positive bacteria
  • Research of surface-stress responding mechanism of bacteria, and research of gene-expression control mechanism in bacterium biofilm forming process
  • Development and application research of biomaterials made of animal tissues
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