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Brief Personal Record:
2005年 信州大学理学部化学科 卒業
2007年 信州大学大学院 物質基礎科学 修士課程修了
2010年 信州大学大学院 物質創成科学 博士課程修了 博士(工学)
2015年 信州大学先鋭領域融合研究群環境・エネルギー材料科学研究所 助教
Keywords:Drug analysis
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New analytical method for novel analysis area

Current research topics:Study on development of novel enrichment separation and detection method for trace drug and pesticide analysis

In recent years, dramatic improvements with the performance of analytical instruments, it is now possible to detect drugs and toxins with ultra-high sensitivity by instrument analysis. Drug analysis from biological samples, such as blood and urine, are performed at clinical and forensic science fields. Using this superior instrumental analysis, we are expanding the analytical chemistry fields, and we are challenging to development the novel analytical method for application based on theoretical considerations. (1) Novel concentration (pretreatment) method for sensitive analysis.
One of the evaluations of the instrumental analytical performance is improvement of "sensitivity". If we can detect even lower concentrations of chemical species, we will be able to analyze objects that were novel analytical field such as diagnostics. For example, in the case of metabolomics, the drug analysis from hair is carried out and the results are utilized. In this laboratory, we study the development of novel sensitive determination and pretreatment methods for rapid detection of drugs. Currently, we developed a method, called high-frequency heat extraction, which have been performed on the analysis of industrial products, to develop rapid and sensitive drug analysis methods.
(2) New detection method for rapid and simple analysis of target substances Various substances are subject to analytical chemistry. It may be necessary to collect samples at field when the target chemical species was decomposed under environmental condition. Our laboratory also develops methods that can be analyzed at various analytical fields. At present, development of a unique technique for efficiently separation method at the field with ultrasonic irradiation, the method was combined with electrochemical and mass spectroscopic results to detect trace pesticides and drugs.

Message to high school students:"Large Toy Box"

When I was joined to laboratory, analytical instruments, such as an electrochemical analyzer, a fluorescent / absorptive spectrometer for a compact one, NMR and an electron microscope for a relatively large type had been deployed in the course. Almost of these instruments were presented into only text books, before I joined to the laboratory. However, when I touched the instruments, these items were seemed from only objectives in the textbooks to "toy". Then, I am playing with this "toy", and I think that I am connected to my present daily life. In my case, "toys" are the analytical instruments, but I think everyone has "toys". In anything, first challenge proposes getting funny and interesting affect and it's almost time to find a "toy". Could you please to "try", and enjoy a fulfilling life.