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Shinshu University and the National University of Mongolia implemented Sakura Science Exchange Program

A delegation from the National University of Mongolia visited Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University through the JST Sakura Science Exchange Program on November 7, 2023. The program aims to invite talented young foreign human resources for short−term visits to Japan, giving them the opportunity to experience both Japan's cutting−edge science and technology and culture. The visit, organized by the Sakura Science Exchange Program, focused on the Faculty of Agriculture, to nurture exceptional forestry experts who understand the coexistence of humans and the environment. The program spanned from November 6 to November 12, lasting for seven days.

On the 7th, the delegation from the National University of Mongolia held discussions with the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Shinichi Yonekura, covering a wide range of topics, including the current state of Mongolia's forests and expectations for the program. Subsequently, the Mongolian delegation participated in classes at the university's graduate school. Both Mongolian and Japanese participants delivered presentations on the forests of their respective countries, leading to lively discussions.

From the 8th onwards, the delegation visited various sites, including the university's experimental forests, local mountain village management areas in Nagano Prefecture, timber processing facilities, and practical applications of forest utilization in mountainous areas. These visits aimed to deepen the understanding of the connection between regional industries and research, as well as the optimal implementation of forest management techniques in society.

While the National University of Mongolia is already engaged in ongoing collaborative research, the Sakura Science Exchange Program is expected to be a significant step in fostering educational exchanges between the institutions. The program is anticipated to contribute substantially to the relationship between the two universities and enhance understanding of the implementation of forestry management techniques in both countries.

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