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2018.04.14 / News

The 28th EH project for final one year(2018.4.6)

This is a report of the regular project meeting, EH28, held on 6th, April, 2018. This meeting were held at Hanbey, a traditional IZAKAYA (drinking at restaurant, like a banquet) as previous. In this project, this meeting is most important and unique activity compared with other Japanese projects. All of the meeting proceedings were kept, which contained academic, technical and exciting discussion.

Date : 6 th, April. 2018

Place : Bikura, Izakaya in Nagano

From this meeting, Prof. Sato and Mr. Ikuine became "Emeritus member" who will support our project depends on demand. As Japanese government announced, the Heisei period will likely end on 30 April 2019. Our project also defined this year as "Shuu-katsu", the final year for our activity.

Prof. Tashiro, the head of this project, will manage this project become a seed of the next "motivation revolution".