Exotic Nanocarbons Project have been completed on March , 2014.
Thank you very much for your longtime support and help on our project.

About ENCs Project

About the ENC Project

Project Name: Creation and Application of Exotic Nanocarbons
University: Shinshu University, National University Corporation
Government Body: Nagano Prefecture
Distinguished Researchers: Morinobu Endo, Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Shinshu University / Chief of the Institute of Carbon Science and Technology
Project Manager: Yoshimasa Miura, Trustee in charge of Research, Finance, Industry-University-Governmental Cooperation, International Relations / Vice President

Research and Development Goals

For this project, we invited 3 distinguished researchers with different backgrounds in nanotechnology to develop a wide range of joint research between Shinshu University and member companies with the aim to implement innovations through teams of varied and talented researchers. Specifically, our research concerns the ultimate nanocarbons, Exotic NanoCarbons (ENCs), which are created by introducing different atoms into a nanocarbon base. Our project uses graphene, carbon nanotubes and new one-dimensional carbine as starting materials. We are working on developing a fundamental science for ENCs and creating materials. At the same time, through applied research, we contribute to the formation of new local industries related to such areas as high performance energy storage devices and extremely high functional compounds. Also, by continuing this development, we expect to be able to contribute to the creation of a low carbon society.

Research and Development Topics, Organization

This project consists of 3 teams:
(1) ENCs creation,
(2) Material properties, functions and structural analysis,
(3) Application development
in areas such as nano-electronics, compounds, energy storage devices.

Research is advanced through the synergistic effects from cooperation between distinguished researchers with high level and varied results at Shinshu University and researchers in industry. We aim to create new local industries and to make contributions at an international level through new science. The project organization is made up of a consortium consisting of Shinshu University research teams and 19 domestic companies/institutes. The organization works in parallel on research from basic science to applied research on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and high capacity electric double layer capacitors for automotive use, extremely high functional compounds, electronic devices and functional materials. By quickly tying research results to venture businesses and strengthening international competition through the creation of new local industries and the formation of core competence, a wide range of economic and social contirbutions can be expected. Also, we can contribute to the creation and healthy development of a world class nanocarbon science research and industrial center "Nagano Nanocarbon Valley".

About ENCs Project