Exotic Nanocarbons Project have been completed on March , 2014.
Thank you very much for your longtime support and help on our project.

Creation of exotic nanocarbons

遠藤 守信
Distinguished Researchers Morinobu Endo Research Group Informing the world about ENCs and energy storage science and technology

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Distinguished Researchers M.Terrones Research Group Exotic nanocarbon structures for the daily life.

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Analysis of the properties and structure of exotic nanocarbons

金子 克美
Distinguished Researchers Katsumi Kaneko Research Groups Nanocarbon Interface Science Can Create Epoch-making Technologies ―Carbon Nanopore-Aided Atmospheric and Marine Resource Engineering―

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Pioneering applications of exotic nanocarbons

Distinguished Researchers P.M.Ajayan Research Groups Engineered nanocarbons - engineering the nextgeneration carbon materials using nanoscience, for practical use

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野口 徹
Industrial Researchers Toru Noguchi Research Groups Development of various applications of ENC cellulation nano alloys through theoretical construction and applied research.

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