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Center for Global Education and Collaboration Final Presentation Ceremony (2020/2/4,2/5)

  On Tuesday and Wednesday, February 4 and 5, 2020, "Center for Global Education and Collaboration Final Presentation Ceremony for Fall 2019 intakes" was held in lecture room No.12, at the School of General Education,
Matsumoto Campus, Shinshu University.

  There were two types of presentations: individual speeches and group presentations. The speeches were given by international students who had completed their half or full-year Intensive JapaneseLanguage Course and planned to continue on to an undergraduate course or to graduate school at Shinshu University. The presenters made use of the Japanese language skills they had acquired during their time at the University and gave speeches on subjects that interested them, such as their hometowns, friends and other topics.

  The group presentations were given by international exchange students and short-term Japan Study Intensive Program students and Japan Studies Student Program students who had completed their half- or full-year study abroad programs.

  Students with different cultural backgrounds from various countries were assigned to groups with Japanese students to research together and finally to give presentations.
Every group needed to choose one of the following topics: 1) Challenges for Japan 2) Environment 3) Education and 4) Tourism.

  In total 77 students took part in the Final Presentations, 49 students from 11 countries (Australia, the Netherlands, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Brazil, Russian) and 28 Japanese students.

  The students who gave speeches, honed their skills by giving voice to their thoughts and feelings, which made every speech a unique one. The students' group presentations were testaments to the challenges they had to overcome to develop their language and communicative skills. Working together in an intercultural setting provided a valuable opportunity for personal growth.

  Japanese students, tutors, Japanese language instructors and other members of the teaching staff as well as local citizens took active by posing questions to the presenting students.This event was a great opportunity for all participants to understand each other's ideas and opinions.

  The next GEC Final Presentations are scheduled for August 6 and 7, 2020, and we are hoping that as many people as possible will join us.