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International Exchange 

Shinshu University International Exchange Trip 2014

Shinshu University International Center (SUIC) carried out the annual university-wide international trip in May 31, 2014 - June 1, 2014 in southern Shinshu area.

On the first day, the 76 participants (49 international students, 21 Japanese students and 6 faculty staff in charge of international affairs) headed for the destination of the day, a Japane-style accommodation in local mountainous Hirugami Onsen area.

There, they discussed about "Happiness" by groups, then each group presented sum-up of what they had discussed about in front of all the members. In the evening, they enjoyed "Ozen" dinner (traditional Japanese cuisine), and the hot spring.

On the second day, they visited some tourist spots such as traditional craft factory, "Tsumago-jyuku" - one of the best preserved post towns in Japan, and "Kantenpapa Garden" which is popular among young people.

It was a great opportunity for the participants, who study at diffedent campuses including faculty staff and Japanese students, to get together and know each other well. We believe this trip has promoted cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding among them.