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Global Education Center Final Presentations for the 2015 Autumn Semester Held

On February 9, 2016, the Global Education Center Final Presentations for the 2015 Autumn Semester were held in the General Education building.

The speeches were given by the students on the half-year Exchange Program, one-year Exchange Program, and half-year Japan Studies Intensive Program. The students on the half-year Japanese Language Training Course and Teacher Training Program also made speeches, and they are expecting to continue their studies at graduate schools of Shinshu University. Each student chose his/her own speech topic and talked about his/her interests, academic specialties, hometowns, and such.

This year's 30 presenters were students from Italy, China, Australia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, South Korea, America, and Thailand (22 Exchange Program Students, 6 Japan Studies Intensive Program Students, 2 Japanese Language Course Students).

Each title did reflect the individuality of the presenter, and they talked about various themes such as their experiences as a foreigner in Japan, their impression of Japanese people, the experience of part-time job at Sushi restaurant. All presentations were very interesting.

A lot of interesting speeches were given, such as "My favorite Morning Musume", "The power of knowledge", and "Aging society in Japan is not so bad".

There were more than 50 people in the audience, including Shinshu University students, faculty members, international students who studied Japanese together, and some local people who helped those international students. Each speech was followed by questions and feedback from the audience. It was a meaty final ceremony.