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The Shinshu University Center for Global Education and Collaboration (GEC) aims to foster outstanding graduates who can serve as meaningful global leaders. Because the world is changing fast, it requires human resources who can adapt quickly and do well for society. An understanding of diversity is the key: in order to solve global-scale problems and tackle issues rooted in varied circumstances, people must understand the current state of global society, adjust in accordance with diverse value systems and environments, and work to solve a wide range of challenging problems. Global issues can only be overcome if the people that are trying to solve them have a flexible, open-minded attitude toward the diverse and richly varied planet on which we live.

Cultivating human resources who can serve in an increasingly globalized society requires much more than encouraging exchanges between students and training them in language and communication skills--it also requires that we make major changes to our undergraduate and graduate programs and alter various systems at their cores. In addition to training future leaders, we are striving to educate students from a global standpoint in a wide range of fields in order to create new values and ways of thinking that will change the world.

We have established the Global Education Courses at Shinshu University to help our students understand what they want to do from the early stages so they can set goals to achieve their target. This enables them to quickly develop an academic plan and spend the next four years of their university studies focused on the subjects that interest them.

Starting in the 2015 academic year, we introduced several relevant classes as part of the basic curriculum for all students.

Having all students take such courses will help them to adapt globally accepted standard of ethic and to develop open-minded, well-balanced opinions and ideas, which they are able to apply in practical and logical responses to a diverse range of international issues.

Shinshu University graduates are flexible, independent and are able to adapt to the diversity of our world. In short, they are the true leaders of today's global society.

First Semester (2016 Spring)

- Current situations of the world I
- Understanding Global Mindsed
- Introduction to Global Business I
- Global Mindset & Practical Approach
- Japanese Pop Culture (for international students)

Second Semester (2016 Fall)

- Current situations of the world II
- Case Method and Critical Thinking
- Introduction to Global Business II
- Japanese Pop Culture (for international students)