Shinshu University Global Education Center



Shinshu University Center for Global Education and Collaboration (formerly the Global Education Center) was established in April 2019 with the aim of strengthening academic exchange and initiating international public relations activities.

The primary role of the GEC is to promote global education. It encourages Japanese students to study overseas and provides support for international students studying at the University, including the provision of Japanese language classes. Besides playing a general coordinating role in the planning and promotion of globalization throughout the University, the Center also makes an important contribution to globalization and international cooperation at a regional level.


3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621
Shinshu University Center for Global Education and Collaboration
Tel:0263-37-2865 Fax:0263-37-2181

Opening hours

Open:Monday to Friday 8:30 - 17:15
Close:Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

Services provided by the Shinshu University Center for Global Education and Collaboration

(1) To decide on the basic policies relating to the planning and promotion of strategies for the globalization of the university's
(2) To provide students with global education
(3) To promot of overseas study programs among students
(4) To encourage more international students to study at the university
(5) To provide of Japanese language education with international students
(6) To coordinate between various departments as required to implement international exchanges throughout the university
(7) To promote public relations in Japan and overseas relating to the university's international exchange activities
(8) To contribute in matters relating to international cooperation and participation
(9) To contribute matters to regional globalization, such as fostering interaction between international students and local communities
(10) To implement basic surveys and to cpllect data for international exchange activities