Part-time Job Information

You can get information on job openings from the Shinshu University Campus Information System. Please access the portal site "ACSU" and enter your ACSU account ID and password to log in, then click SingleSignOn:「キャンパス情報システム」(Campus Information System). To apply for a part-time job, please contact the employer directly.

Portal site "ACSU"

Since the residence status "College Student" is granted to those who intend to engage in study and research in Japan, international students are prohibited from engaging in activities other than study and research.

However, you may apply for permission to engage in unauthorized activities, such as working part-time, with a supporting document issued by the University. If the application is accepted on the condition that the extra activity will not interfere with your study or research, you can work part-time within the limits stated below.

If you work without obtaining this permission, you may be subject to a considerable fine, or even worse, be deported from Japan

Application procedures