Health Care & Safety

Center for Health, Safety and Environmental Management

International students can sometimes become sick due to the stress caused by cultural differences (e.g. language, customs, food and so on). This center provides the following support services to help you have a healthy and enriching student-life. Please feel free to consult with the center's staff.
Center for Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Medical Consultations at Campuses Other than Matsumoto

Consultation services are scheduled to coincide with times when school doctors are on campus. For additional information, please contact the branch of the center of your campus.

Branch at the Faculty of Education Tel:026-238-4055
Branch at the Faculty of Engineering Tel:026-269-5077
Branch at the Faculty of Agriculture Tel:0265-77-1312
Branch at the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Tel:0268-21-5312

Taking out a Comprehensive Insurance Policy

The National Health Insurance does not provide coverage in the event that you cause injury to someone or damage property, which may result in severe financial liabilities and mental stress. We highly recommend that you join a comprehensive insurance scheme.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research

This insurance covers the cost of unforeseen accidents during regular classes, University events, activities etc. You can get further information about this insurance from the Student Support Center or the Educational Affairs Section of your faculty.

Student Mutual Benefit Insurance (KYOSAI) and Personal Liability Insurance for Students (GAKUBAI)

These insurance schemes cover the cost of medical fees incurred by hospitalization and the cost of liabilities towards other persons. You can obtain further information about this insurance scheme from the University Coop.

Emergency Medical Services

ou can get information about the hospitals that offer emergency medical services from the following website.
Nagano Medical Information Net

Around Matsumoto City(CHUSHIN area)

Matsumoto City Nightting Medical Care Center of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

Emergency and Critical Care Center, Aizawa Hospital

Advanced Emergency & Critical Care Center, Shinhu University Hospital

Around Nagano City(HOKUSHIN area)

Emergency Critical Care Center, Nagano Red Cross Hospital
Tel:026-226-4132(main switchboard)

Around Ueda City(TOSHIN area)

Ueda City FA Emergency Center of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Around Minamiminowa Village, Ina City (NANSHIN area)

Emergency Medical Care Center, Ina Central Hospital
Tel:0265-72-3121(main switchboard)

Crime and Disaster Prevention

Emergency Phone Number

Police 110
Fire Department 119
Ambulance 119

In Case of Lost or Stolen property

Traffic Accidents

Be Prepared for Earthquakes

In your home:

In case of a major earthquake:

Usually schools and public facilities are used as evacuation sites. Make sure you know where the nearest evacuation site and escape routes are.

You can get further information from: General Affairs Department, Matsumoto City Hall

Matsumoto City Hall Homepage Tel:0263-33-1191