Extracurricular Activities & Event Information

Joining in extracurricular activities will help you to make friends with Japanese students and enrich your experience in Japan.

Club Activities

Shinshu University has lots of clubs, often called "SAKURU" in Japanese. For more information on clubs, please refer to the Student Support Center website.

University Festival

Shinshu University Festival is held at each campus from late October to early November. Members of student seminars and extracurricular groups organize concerts, exhibitions and other events in order to present their research and activities. In addition, there is a large variety of food stalls and refreshment booths making this the most popular festival and attracting many visitors. Shinshu University Foreign Student Association always participates in the Festival.

Other Events

Interacting with local groups and residents can be very helpful to you for understanding Japanese history and culture. A variety of exchange meetings, parties, and events are organized by local groups. Information is available on bulletin boards and the GEC website

Extracurricular Activities and Events Information