Global Education Center

Shinshu University Global Education Center was established in April 2015 with the aims of reorganizing Shinshu University International Center (SUIC), which was set up in April 2006, to promote global education, to encourage more students to study overseas, to encourage more international students to study at the university to provide foreign student with Japanese language education, to decide on the policies and play a general coordinating role for the planning and promotion of the to globalize the university, as well as to initiate public relations activities in Japan and overseas, and finally to contribute in regional globalization and facilitate international cooperation and collaboration.

We offer the following services for international students.

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center is mainly responsible for the following matters:

Student Advisory Center

The Student Advisory Center provides various support and counseling to resolve any problems. Feel free to visit us if you have any matters of concern or stress.

Monday to Friday:8:30 am~17:15 pm