Obtaining Visa

Every foeign national who intends to enter in Japan for study are required to have a visa.

If you have a "Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) " issued in advance, it will shorten the processing time of your visa application. Also, you will be asked to present the CoE at immigration checks at the port of entry.

Host university can apply for a CoE for you at the regional immigration ofice in Japan. Therefore, please contact your Faculty / Divison once you have received an acceptance letter.

As soon as your CoE was issued, your Faculty / Division staff will send it to you in your home country.

When your CoE reached you, go to a Japanese Consulate or Embassy in charge of your area to apply for a student visa.

※ To enter Japan for the purpose of sitting in an entrance examination in Japan, as a general rule, "Temporary visitor" visa is required. For more information, please contact or check the web site of Japanese consulate or embassy of your area.

Visa (Visa) Application flows

Reference> Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

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