Notification of Residence

Those who have come to Japan for the first time

You have to notify the municipal office where you live within 14 days of finding a place to settle down.

This includes those in possession of a passport stating "A residence card will be issued later".

New mid- to long-term residents who have changed their resident status to "Student" must report where they live.

Required Documents

Passport / Residence Card

Those who move within Japan or leave Japan

■ Required Documents

Passport / Residence Card or Alien Registration Certificate / National Health Insurance Card

You can take the procedure of National Health Insurance along with the Notification of place of residence.

Major Local Government Offices in Nagano Prefecture

Matsumoto City Hall 0263-34-3000
Nagano City Hall 026-226-4911
Ueda City Hall 0268-22-4100
Ina City Hall 0265-78-4111
Minamiminowa Village Office 0265-72-2104