National Health Insurance

All foreign mid-to long-term residents in Japan(ex. those who have the resident status of "student" over 3 months) must join the National Health Insurance program. Once registered, you will receive a health insurance card.

If you receive treatment at any healthcare provider that accepts National Health Insurance, you will have to pay only 30% of the total cost; the remaining 70% will be covered by the insurance provided that you present the insurance card at the reception desk before the treatment (excluding medical checkups, vaccination , cosmetic surgery , orthodontics , normal pregnancy/childbirth, abortion for financial reasons, etc.)

How to Pay the Premium

You can use an automatic transfer payment service from your bank or Yucho Ginko account, or pay directly at a bank, post office, the local government office or a convenience store using the payment slip that was mailed to you. A delinquency charge will be added if you fail to make a payment by the due date.

Application for a Reduction of National Health Insurance Premium

Because the annual premium is calculated on the basis of the previous year's income in Japan, you may be eligible to apply for a reduction in your premium if your income in the previous fiscal year was low.