Engaging in activities other than that permitted and part-time jobs

Since the residence status "Student" is granted to those who intend to engage in study and research in Japan, international students are prohibited from engaging in activities other than study and research.

Part-time Job Information

However, if your residence status is "Student", "Dependent" or "Designated Activities" for Continued Job search, you may apply for permission to engage in unauthorized activities, such as working part-time. If the application is accepted, you can work part-time within the limits stated below. If you work without obtaining this permission, you may be subject to a considerable fine, or even worse, be deported from Japan.

How to apply

Permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted under the resident status may be given at the port of entry for the persons who have come to Japan for the first time and been granted the resident status of "Student" . (Excluding those who have been granted a period of stay of three months).
To apply for this permission later, submit the required documents to the Regional Immigration Office.

Required Documents

GEC can take your application documents for you to the Immigration Office in Nagano city once a month. If you would like to use this service to file your application rather than going by yourself, please let us know.

Permitted Working Hours

Once you receive permission, it is valid even if you change your job. Note, however, that the permission expires on the same date as your current residence status does. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply for renewal of permission at the same time as you apply for the change of status of residence or extension of the period of stay.