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Admission Policy

Undergraduate Course

School of Medicine

Students accepted by the Admissions Committee of the School of Medicine must demonstrate the following:

1. High motivation to work as a medical doctor,
2. Academic excellence to study medicine,
3. Leadership ability as well as a cooperative and positive attitude,
4. Compassion for the sick, willingness to volunteer and high ethical standards.

School of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences consists of different professional domains: nursing, medical technology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. In the health and clinical fields, collaboration among various domains besides the pursuit of professionalism in each field is inevitable in this ever-changing society and science. In light of these principles, prospective candidates must demonstrate the following:

1. Profound interest in and compassion for people,
2. Basic knowledge and logical thinking ability necessary for comprehension and application of advancing scientific findings,
3. Willingness to take an active role in society as professionals.

Master's Program

Human Sciences

The Master’s Programs of Human Science admit students with enthusiasm and an elementary knowledge to contribute to the society by creating a new network among multifarious human-sciences and by producing variable human resources. And these programs train specialists as below.

1. Researchers to develop medical sciences of the 21st Century
2. Medical specialists with sufficient knowledge
3. Executive officials in medical care, health care, nursing care and welfare fields
4. Educationalists to teach health sciences

Health Sciences

In order to achieve our goals, we welcome students with the following attributes:

1. Who possess high ethical standards, a rich sense of humanity, and an overall passion for human happiness and welfare.
2. Who have the ability to seek out sophisticated solutions for medical problems, and/or challenges, by means of globally-informed scientific thinking.
3. Who are willing to contribute to health care in the local vicinity as advanced experts.
4. Who are motivated to assume leadership roles in the fields of health care, medical treatment, and welfare.
5. Who possess not only passion but enough skill and proficiency to become educators and/or researchers for the future of health sciences.

Doctor's Program

Medical Sciences

In order to achieve the goals of Medical Sciences, we look for individuals:

1. who are diligently involved in basic and/or clinical research,
2. who have the volition to pursue world-class, cutting-edge research,
3. who have work experience, possessing broad and high standards of fundamental knowledge, scholarship and insight into medical research.

Institute of Pathogenesis and Disease Prevention

In order to achieve the goals of the Institute of Pathogenesis and Disease Prevention, we look for individuals:

1. who have interest in and a high-level understanding of leading-edge knowledge of human pathophysiology and prevention of disease from the view point of fundamental biological processes of development, growth and aging in humans and demonstrate an inquisitive approach in the application of their knowledge and understanding,
2. who possess fundamental knowledge, capacity for data collection and analysis and passion to acquire experimental techniques to carry out research in basic life sciences, pathophysiology and preventive medicine, having interest in disseminating their research findings globally.

Admission Policy of each specialty before the reorganization in April,2012.

Health Sciences

In order to achieve our goals, we welcome students with the following attributes:

1. Who are eager to engage in unique and practical studies, based on scientific and ethical considerations in the field of health sciences.
2. Who are willing to teach and engage in research work in the department of health care, medical treatment, and/or the welfare of the university, or the graduate school.
3. Who possess an advanced level of medical proficiency, proficiency that is grounded in a high level of ethical and advanced professional knowledge, in terms of health care, medical treatment, and/or welfare. In addition, such students should be passionate about solving problems from a leadership perspective, or from a specialist perspective. They should also be able to engage in research-based, independent solutions to such problems.
4. Who are willing to devote themselves to teaching the specialist clinical study method to build up evidence, in accordance with evidence-based practice to staff members working in the field of health care.

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