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About Shinshu, NAGANO
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Shinshu is the old name of NAGANO, probably best known for the Winter Olympics in 1998. Yet, that’s not the only thing Shinshu is proud of. Being rich in nature, culture, history and education, Shinshu is one of the most favored destinations for tourists, musicians, historians and educators.

Climb the Japan Alps? Slurp first-class soba noodles? Slurping cold buckwheat noodles after soaking in an outdoor onsen is truly a rewarding experience, especially after a long day of work or trekking in the Alps or skiing! Even wild monkeys know how relaxing it is to take an onsen while surrounded by snow!!

Shinshu University School of Medicine is located at the university’s main campus in the city of Matsumoto, in the central region of the prefecture. Situated more than 600m above sea level at the foot of the Northern Alps, Matsumoto offers refreshingly cool summers and crisp air in the winter with lots of sunshine. Spring and autumn are invigorating. It certainly provides a perfect location for physical, mental and cultural activities all year around.
As our Dean mentioned, Matsumoto is the birthplace of the world renowned Suzuki Method, the Talent Education. For about one month and a half from the beginning of August, the city welcomes guests from the world to visit the Suzuki Method Summer School and Saito Kinen Music Festival directed by Maestro Seiji Ozawa.

What can be learned?
Shinshu University Graduate School of Medicine provides you an opportunity to learn basic, clinical and social medical sciences in 33 Departments in Master’s course and in 51 Departments in Doctor’s course.

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Opportunity to experience short-term clinical
Shinshu University School of Medicine provides international medical students with clinical clerkship.

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