Program Introduction to Undergraduate Studetns

Activity report

Guidance_undergrad1.JPGGuidance_undergrad2.JPGOn April 5, 2017, two program students introduced the leading program to the new 4th-year students in the undergraduate.
Mr. Atsuro Ohyama and Ms. Haruka Minato (both in their 3rd-year in the program) represented their fellow program students and gave a talk such as what they have done in the past 2 years and how their typical day looks like. The majority of undergraduates advances to the master's program at the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, but some choose to get a job after 4 years of study. Since Mr. Ohyama and Ms. Minato also told them what it had been like, that they also had hesitated over to continue their research or to find a job, and why they had decided to join the leading program which is not extra 2 years but for 5 years to dedicate, we are positive the undergraduates could related them to their stories.

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