Academic Year 2020 Commencement Ceremony

Activity report


On March 24, 2021, Academic Year 2020 Commencement Ceremony was held and 5 program students were granted a doctor's degree. They have completed the program and whose diploma mentions the completion of the program. Five graduates; Dr. Muzamil Khatri, Dr. Liu Yang, and Dr. Muzamil Khatri, 3 out of 5 completed students will be working in Japan; Dr. Dennis Burger and Dr. Chongchao Li will be working foreign countries. We wish their further success in the new environment.

Master's degree conferment ceremony was also held and 5 of the 2nd-year students were awarded the master's degree. In the ceremony, Ms. Shizuru Yamada (M2) who completed its double-degree program (DDP) was granted both a master's degree (in engineering) and a Diplome d'Ingenieur.

The DDP program, which was created through an agreement between Shinshu University and the L'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT) in France, allows students to earn a master's degree (in engineering) from the former and a Diplome d'Ingenieur from the latter by studying under Shinshu University's master's program for a total of three years, including two years of study abroad at ENSAIT at some point between the second semester of the student's first year and the first semester of his or her third year.

To complete the DDP, students must:
・Earn 30 credits under the European Credit Transfer System at ENSAIT
・Earn 30 credits at Shinshu University
・Successfully author and present a thesis as part of the final diploma project at ENSAIT
・Successfully author and present a master's thesis at Shinshu University
・Earn a TOEIC score of at least 830

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