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Bioresource Science Division


The Bioresource Science Division has the educational goals to develop the theories and technologies for material cycle realization by using bioresources to establish a food production engineering system for creating sustainable societies. This division advances the unraveling research of animal and plant resources as the foundations of food production and their production environment, from biological, physiological, and cytohistological viewpoints. In the rich natural environment of Shinshu, we perform research and education from both sides of fieldwork and laboratory work. Through bioresource sustainable use and community-based research and education activities, we will contribute to the construction of a rich society, by advancing, in cooperation with regional communities, the fostering of human resources who can act in next-generation environment-friendly agriculture and agricultural product production.

Bioresource Science Division
Bioresource Science Division

Main Research Theme

  • Development of low-environmental-burden livestock system using biomass
  • Research of crosstalk of neuroendocrine immune system of digestive tract
  • Research of receptor distribution of various digestive tract hormones of chicken
  • Research of livestock sperms and fertilization
  • Development of livestock and wildlife management system by considering animal welfare
  • Unraveling the function of animal digestive-tract microbial communities, and their application to animal production
  • Establishment of food-producing-tree marker-selected breeding and cultivation techniques
  • Breeding, cultivation, and use of sorghum plants
  • Research of environmental conservation agriculture in cold high lands
  • Genetic analysis and breeding of spice crops and garden crops
  • Genetic diversity analysis of low and unused plant resources, and their breeding
  • Search and production technique development of new flowering plant items that will be promising in Shinshu
  • Growth and yield improvement of crops in low-input or hostile environment
  • Research of agricultural management types and management methods
  • Unraveling the ecology of weeds, and establishment of a management method
  • Practical research for promoting agriculture and agricultural product processing industry in farming communities in developing countries
  • Economic analysis of consumer behavior from the viewpoint of eating habits
Teaching and Research Faculty