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Integrated Bioscience Division


To establish an education and research organization that can address rapid development of life science in agricultural field, the Integrated Bioscience Division has gathered many faculty members who have backgrounds in many science fields. Considering the interdisciplinary fields such as medicine and engineering in addition to agriculture, this division provides leading-edge education and research in life science, for example, animal, plant, microbe, and fungus resource development, molecule structure analysis, structure-activity relationship analysis, genome expression, and functional analysis. Through cooperation with regions and industries, we have a goal to contribute to leading-edge life science research and education, and the creation of rich societies by fostering human resources who will develop next-generation life science.

Integrated Bioscience Division
Integrated Bioscience Division

Main Research Theme

  • Unraveling the optical response mechanism of plants and fungi, and development of advanced use technologies
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical biology based on molecular recognition chemistry
  • Functional genomics evolution by acquiring human-genome-specific DNA elements, and its relation to diseases
  • Development of enzyme for utilizing carbohydrate resources
  • Unraveling and application of intracellular protein transport of yeast
  • Experimental animal breeding of birds, and introduction and expression of germ cells
  • Unraveling and artificial control of reproductive phenomena of mammals
  • Functional property analysis of microbial-derived biomolecules
  • Molecular cell biology of heart and skeletal muscles, and their medical application
  • Physiological ecology regarding plant nutrition
  • Structure of biological interactions in pedosphere, and their ecological function
  • Unraveling the disease resistance mechanism of plants, and molecular breeding of disease-resistant plants
  • Genetic-breeding technology of cultivated edible mushrooms
  • Mycology, and physiological ecology of mycorrhizal symbiosis
Teaching and Research Faculty