Annual End of Year Presentation for Academic Year 2015

Activity report

FY2015_year_end1.jpgThe annual end of year presentation for the academic year 2015 was held on January 25, 2016. We had about 90 attendees including the third-party evaluation committee members (stakeholders) and outside individuals who's been supporting this program. Each program student gave 10-minute-long oral presentation in English, looking back on this academic year; their activities, research, and their future plans.
FY2015_year_end2.JPGWe were excited when the guests said they could see a lot of improvements in the second-year students compared with the last year, and their presentations were definitely better thanks to the Edanz presentation skills seminars. It was a shame that we had to cut short the Q&A session again due to the limited time, however, all the guests gave various valuable hints to help their student/research life in the next academic year. The students took charge of the arrangements of this whole event for the first time and it was a big success. We are proud of them.
FY2015_year_end3.JPGWe appreciate from the bottom of our heart for everyone who took their time and be part of this event and to give encouraging advice to our students.

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