Lecture by Prof. Thomas Rosenau

Activity report

For 3 days from December 3, we had lectures of International Topics on Fiber Engineering I and II by one of the international assessment committee member Prof. Rosenau (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria).
The topics were "Bioeconomy," "Cellulose," "Lignin," "Hemicelluloses," "Chemical pulp" and "Bleaching." The lecture was opened to the students on campus, 17 students from the Leading Program and 4 students from other doctoral course attended this lecture.
All students were looking forward to this opportunity since the second-year students had his lecture last year and the first-year students visited BOKU in May as Manufacturing and Value Creation Seminar I.
We are so thankful to Prof. Rosenau for taking part in the international assessment but also teaching the students on on his tight schedule.

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