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2016.11.27 / News

(Award) Our first book received an award from AEM society, Japan

It is a good news to share. Our first book received an award, "CHOSHAKU-SHOU (best book award)" from The Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics(

2016.11.05 / News

The EH22 project meeting for award celebration in advance(2016.10.26)

This is a report of the regular project meeting, EH22, held on 26th, Oct, 2016. First of all, we would like to share the good news in advance. Our first book, "Magnetic energy harvesting: basis and design", will receive an a...

2015.12.13 / News

(Award)1st runner up: paper presentation, ICST2015 (2015.12.13)

It is a good news to share. Prof. Kunihisa Tashiro, the head of this project, received an award, "1st runner up: papaer presentation" at Ninth International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST2015, Auckland, Newzealand 8th-10 December, 2015. The presentation title was "Concept of magnetic sonification device", whose contents is a milestone for our magnetic energy harvesting project. He also received a book, Wea...

2015.07.01 / News

The EH17 project meeting(2015.06.26)

This is a report of the regular project meeting, EH17, held on 26th, June, 2015. In this project, this meeting is most important and unique activity compared with other Japanese projects. Although the meeting were held at IZAKAYA ( drinking at restaurant, like a banquet), it was not like a conventional banquet. All of the meeting proceedings were kept, which contained academic, technical and exciting ...

2015.03.31 / News


IMG_0105.JPG2015年3月31日、長野市 金龍飯店(本店)にて、