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2017.03.22 / News

The EH24 project meeting(2017.3.21)

This is a report of the regular project meeting, EH24, held on 21th, Mar., 2017. In this project, this meeting is most important and unique activity compared with other Japanese projects. Although the meeting were held at IZAKAYA ( drinking at restaurant, like a banquet), it was not like a conventional banquet. All of the meeting proceedings were kept, which contained academic, technical and exciting discussion.

Date : 21th, Mar. 2017

Place : Sky banquet room, Hotel metropolitan Nagano

In this meeting, one of the topics was the publication of our book written in English. Last month, all of draft were sent to publisher. Second topics was corabolation with some universities in Malaysia. Prof. Tashiro and wakiwaka visited to UPM, UniKL(BMI) and UTeM in this month. Third photo is one of memory when we introduced the "Magnetic energy harvesting project, Shinshu University", at UTeM on 9th Mar. 2017. We have also discussed the technical contents related to LLC resonant converter. The next project meeting, EH25, will be held on 28th, June, 2017.