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2017.12.12 / News

The 27th EH project(2017.11.29)

This is a report of the regular project meeting, EH27, held on 29th, November, 2017. This meeting were held at Hanbey, a traditional IZAKAYA (drinking at restaurant, like a banquet) as previous. In this project, this meeting is most important and unique activity compared with other Japanese projects. All of the meeting proceedings were kept, which contained academic, technical and exciting discussion.

Date : 29 th, Nov. 2017

Place : Hanbey, Izakaya in Nagano

Unfortunately, half of the member were absent because they are in bad scheduling or health condition. In contrast, we had successfully invited two active observers. One is Mr. Ishizaka who attended previous EH16 meeting as a observer. In this time, he gave us the situation of our Homepage using access log. Another is Prof. Sasamori whose research is related to wireless communication and networking. He will be our new member from next project meeting. The next project meeting, EH28, will be held on February or March, 2017.