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2015.07.01 / News

The EH17 project meeting(2015.06.26)

This is a report of the regular project meeting, EH17, held on 26th, June, 2015. In this project, this meeting is most important and unique activity compared with other Japanese projects. Although the meeting were held at IZAKAYA ( drinking at restaurant, like a banquet), it was not like a conventional banquet. All of the meeting proceedings were kept, which contained academic, technical and exciting discussion. The contents of EH17 was as follows:

(EH 17)

Date : 26th, June, 2015

Place: Memory, a restaurant in Shinsu Univ

Attendance: Tashiro, Kasai, Wakiwaka, Mizuno, Sato, Miyaji, Sonehara, Bu,

Special guest: Prof. Subas. C. Mukhopadhyay (Massey Univ, NZ), Xiu (Member of SDTC, and IEEE MAG Shin-etsu)


1) Minutes of previous meeting, EH16 (Kasai)

2) Status of a book publication about our project (Tashiro)

3) Free discussion, comments from all attendances

Prof. S. C. Mukhopadhyay is the gereral chair of the international conference on sensing technology. Some of this project member will attend ICST2015, 8th-10th Dec. 2015, Auckland, NZ. The next regular project meeting, EH17, will be held on 18th Aug, 2015.

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