Exotic Nanocarbons Project have been completed on March , 2014.
Thank you very much for your longtime support and help on our project.

Activity Report

Distinguished Professor M. Terrones Gave a Plenary Lecture and K. Kaneko Gave a Keynote Lecture at "Carbon 2012". 2012.06.23

Distinguished Professor M. Terrones and Distinguished Professor K. Kaneko were invited to an international conference "Carbon 2012" held in AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland, from 17th to 22nd June, 2012.

Professor M. Terrones gave a plenary lecture titled "Novel Forms of Carbon: Defective Graphenes, Nanoribbons with Atomically Smooth Edges and Graphene-Nanotube Hybrid Structures"

Professor K. Kaneko gave a keynote lecture titled "Comfinement-Induced Super-High Pressure Effect of Carbon Nanospaces".