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Toru Noguchi Research Group

Toru Noguchi Research Group
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Development of various applications of ENC cellulation nano alloys through theoretical construction and applied research.

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Name Toru Noguchi
Belonging Distinguished Professor, Research Center for Exotic Nanocarbons, Shinshu University
野口 徹

In the field of CNT rubber/elastomer composites, good results could not be obtained due to the difficulty in obtaining uniform dispersion of CNTs. Recently, our group put aside the notion of uniform dispersion and first introduced the notion of defibrating(解繊), for which success was obtained using elastic kneading(弾性混練法). In the composite (nanoalloy) we obtained here, the interfacial phase between the CNT and the matrix formed a three-dimensional continuous space (nanospace). We discovered that various properties improved and from observations of the visible structural changes, we named this phenomenon cellulation. We are working on the theoretical aspects of this nanospace and applications of this technology.
Rubber related matrices are used as sealants in the oil, automotive and valve industries. We especially have achieved success in the oil industry at over 15 oil fields around the world and are starting mass production. We are also doing research on applications in the fields of semiconductors, tires/caterpillars and seismic isolation rubber, where high strength, durability and resistance to chemicals are required.
Also, cellulation has been observed in the matrices of resins, aluminum and ceramics. We are currently doing basic research and creating samples.
This technology has resulted in over 200 domestic patent applications (over 50 have been approved) and we are also actively making international patent applications, which have resulted in many patents.
As for our theoretical research, we have published papers in major international journals, such as Advanced Functional Materials, ChemSusChem and ACS Nano. This has made "cellulation" an internationally used term in the field of nanospace research.
We are doing research with the goal of creating completely new materials from combinations of new polymers and ENCs such as CNT and graphene with atoms of different elements inserted.
Our goal does not stop with research, but extends to the application and implementation of materials, parts and systems using metal and ceramics as well as polymers.

Discovered and proposed theories for cellulation phenomena with Prof. Morinobu Endo. Succeeded in applying CNT/cellulation technology based on Shinshu University's CNT technology. Created innovative materials with greatly improved durability and resistance to heat and chemicals and applied them to oil development technology with success in oil fields all over the world. Also applied this technology to rubber, resins and metals.


2008/10/01 - present: Visiting Professor, Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Shinshu University

2010/4/1 - present: Distinguished Professor, Research Center for Exotic Nanocarbons, Shinshu University



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