Exotic Nanocarbons Project have been completed on March , 2014.
Thank you very much for your longtime support and help on our project.

Technological seeds and commercialization

We are pursuing research by using the synergistic effects resulting from the interaction between international top-class researchers with a wide variety of accomplishments. We are aiming to create new local industries by creating ENC science, finding new innovative functions and working with local companies to pioneer technological applications. We formed a consortium centered around Shinshu University with domestic and international research institutes and companies. The consortium's goals are to create new industries and contribute to the economy and society, and to help create an internationally renown exotic nanocarbon research and development/industrial location called "Nagano Nanocarbon Valley".

A project with a strong university-industry collaboration team

Establishment of a consortium of companies and promotion of industry collaboration with the university as the nucleus In the future, we will proceed with cooperation to further expand material technology horizontally.

Dream Team support organization
Technological seeds and commercialization