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Mechanical Systems Engineering
Mechanical Systems Engineering Based on firm scientific knowledge, we produce manufacturing professionals who can imagine the machines and technology of the 21st century.
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering We produce highly creative engineers who can be active as professionals in the wide ranging fields of energy, electronics and communications and who can also support national technological initiatives.
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering We strive to produce engineers who have advanced technical knowledge and abilities in Civil Engineering (social infrastructure, disaster prevention, local society) and who can think from various viewpoints about environmental and infrastructure improvements that will lead to a better future.
Architecture We perform high level research and education to train students so that they can shoulder the establishment of general manufacturing technology and long-term architectural vision that takes into account the harmony between local history and the environment.
Chemistry & Material Engineering
Chemistry & Material Engineering Through leading edge research that aids continued development and helps solve various problems involving materials, we produce researchers and engineers who can "put chemistry to good use".
Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering We aim to produce engineers who have fundamental and advanced knowledge in both computer software and hardware and at the same time are equipped with practical skills.
Environmental Science & Technology
Environmental Science & Technology Through education and study of leading-edge ecological technologies (Eco-Technology), we aim to nurture human resources to contribute to solutions of global environment issues.

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