Study Trip to Slovenia

Activity report

Group picture with the students of LjubljanaFrom March 4 to 10, 2017, 6 program students visited Slovenia. This study trip was designed for the students to deepen the relationship with the students of our partner universes, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in University of Maribor. The trip also provided a great opportunity to the students to learn and get familiar with researches at those universities as a prospective host for "Overseas Special Practical Study" (academic internship) as well as to discover beautiful Slovenia.

at University of Ljubjlana[Participation report by Hanaa Naouma, 2nd-year student]
1. Purpose of participation
I have chosen to go to Slovenia because I wanted to discover and learn closely from the labs in the University of Ljubljana. After we discovered that we were lucky enough to visit two universities which made our study tour more interesting in my opinion.

2. Issues identified as a result of participation
The only issue was while visiting University of Maribor's labs. Due to time inconvenience, the explanations were fast as well as for the questions we weren't given the possibility to ask any questions sometimes. I believe if the lab tour was for a half day, it would have been much more beneficial to discover and learn closely from their research activities.

At University of Maribor3. Results of participation
This study tour was an opportunity for me to discover the creativity of the Slovenian people. Especially in Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design in University of Ljubljana, where I had the possibility to approach some designers to talk with about there designs, the local, national and maybe if they were nominated the international contests they will participate in. In my research I use 3D printing machine for many uses but I was blown away by the complicated designs that these designers were able to make using 3D printing machine. It's not easy models but they were beautifully and impressively able to design these great models to be added to their textiles to add a unique and classy shape.

Hanaa4. How will you apply what you learned to your research?
During the lab tours in University of Ljubljana, I was impressed by the intensive work done on textiles and yarns to modify the properties and make them more efficient in absorbent, breathable also smart. Until now in our faculty I have never encountered such kind of researches but I'm planning to search to learn more about them.

Photo courtesy of Shintaro Kurasawa and the Secretariat.

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