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Research facilities and projects of FTST

Through the three consecutive COE projects, the FTST has established the academic discipline of "fiber engineering" that combines the traditional artistry of the textile industry with the latest in science and technology. The International Fiber Engineering course was established in the graduate school doctorate program. Thus it serves not only as the only specialist textile department in Japan, but as a center of the world to study and learn the fiber engineering of Japan. In the report entitled "Benchmarking of Japanese Universities Focusing on Research Papers in 2011" (National Institute of Science and Technology Policy), "Textiles" and "Composites" were listed as research areas unique to Shinshu University. The FTST is moving forward through numerous project activities and collaboration with cooperating organizations in order to evolve "fiber engineering" for a new age. This is being achieved through education and research covering everything from foundations to the cutting edge, and diverse collaboration including collaboration between industry, academia, and government, and international cooperation.

Primary facilities

Institute for Fiber Engineering

This facility was established to further sharpen Shinshu University's unique fiber engineering program. Prominent foreign scientists and engineers are invited to collaborate on cutting edge studies and to educate the next generation of researchers.

Fiber Innovation Incubator [Fii]

It was established in 2011 as a joint research organization for companies, teachers, and students. It is possible for companies to establish research labs within the facility, and special experimental facilities are provided for carrying out creative research for revolutionary new products using the latest in science and technology. Many types of activities are possible at the facility, such as students working in internships while at the school.

Primary projects

A leading graduate school," Global Leader Program for Fiber Renaissance"

This project aims to promote a graduate school which nurtures global leaders by gathering top class domestic and international researchers in the fiber and textile engineering domain, and developing a 5-year quality assured doctoral program, combining Master's and Doctor's programs in collaboration with industry, academia, and government.

MEXT "Program for Promoting Inter-University Collaborative Education"

Shinshu University, the University of Fukui, and the Kyoto Institute of Technology align and unify their educational and research resources with the aim of develo ping an association of textile related graduate schools. A "Textile/Fiber Engineering course" is established in the master's programs at each graduate school to integrate educational and research resources of engineers and scientists who acquire consistent knowledge and skills in t he domain, possess a global viewpoint, have the ability to set challenges and solve problems, and possess leadership.