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We are a Chemical Biology Lab located in the Institute of Agriculture at the Shinshu University.

Our research interests focus on the problems that lie at the interface of organic chemistry and biology. We are particularly interested in the areas such as molecular recognition and its application to structure-based design of synthetic agents and chemical tools that are applicable for better understanding important biological processes. We are working to design molecules ranging from low-molecular-weight enzyme inhibitors to mid-sized agents for disrupting and detecting protein-protein interactions. Peptides, peptidomimetics, metal complexes, and natural products are of interest as the building blocks for both rational and semi-focused combinatorial approaches for the molecular design.


FBC letters


·December-7-2023: The paper of a focused library for intrinsically disordered circadin transcription factors has been accepted for publication.
·August-28-2023: New undergraduate students,Mei Arita and Ami Matsumura just joined our group. Welcome!

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