Leading Program holds Annual End of Year Presentation for the 2017 academic year

Activity report

On January 23 and 24, 2018, the Advanced Leading Graduate Program held its Annual End of Year Presentation. Each of 30 students reflected on his or her research activities during the year, gave a 9-minute presentation in English, and answered questions for 5 minutes in front of an audience of about 80 that included students, faculty members, stakeholders from the Third-party Evaluation Committee, off-campus program coordinators and collaborators, and officials from Nippon Felt Co., Ltd., and Asada Mesh Co., Ltd., which offered training to students at their manufacturing plants. Judges evaluated each student on the basis of the five skills that the Leading Program is dedicated to cultivating.

The scale of the Annual End of Year Presentation has grown with the number of students enrolled in the Leading Program, which this year rented an off-campus facility to host the two-day event. Despite its increasing complexity, the presentation continues to be organized by students, who pulled off another hitch-free staging this year. A couple of of the third-year students played the lead role in orchestrating the sessions, and their experience in leading 30 students representing 9 countries should help them develop the global leadership skills that the project seeks to cultivate. These promising students can be expected to grow in the future.

During their presentations, students received advice not only about their research, but also about student life and future prospects. The program would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who braved the frigid weather to spend a significant amount of time watching students' presentations and offering encouraging comments.

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