Practical Study in Fiber Fundamentals (Pattern Making)

Activity report

From December 4 to 8, first-year students split into two groups and studied how to make clothing patterns as part of the required course Practical Study in Fiber Fundamentals. At first the students found the industrial sewing machines to be a little off-putting, but they soon got used to them and began sewing smoothly and quite quickly. They found it surprisingly difficult to iron garments while paying attention to darts, areas of greater volume (at and below the shoulders), and seam allowances.

In the Clothing Design course that is held during the second semester, students learn about clothing design, manufacturing processes, and textiles as a clothing material. This week, the practical study was held immediately after they had learned about the same topics in the classroom, allowing them to put what they had learned to immediate use.

1. Learning the basics about making clothing patterns prior to the practical study
2. Using CAD to make a pattern
3. Setting up the cutting machine
4. Using the cutting machine to automatically cut material
5. Preparing the cut material
6. Sewing the material
7. Ironing the garment
8. The garment is complete!
9. Evaluating the results

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