Corporate guests speak to students

Activity report

On each of the five Fridays from October 20 to November 24, 2017, guests involved in corporate management spoke to Leading Program students. The sessions, which adopted a discussion format and sparked enthusiastic engagement on the part of students, encompassed a broad range of topics, including not only information specific to each guest's company, but also entrepreneurship, judgment, and a consideration of what's important in life.

After the sessions, guest speakers also took time to serve as corporate mentors by sitting down for interviews with students.

Over the five days, students took advantage of the opportunity to get to know these corporate leaders from a variety of fields, and in the process they learned an enormous amount about not only research, but also the skills and leadership they'll need after graduating.

The Program would like to thank the speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules to interact with students.

Corporate guests

October 20
Misako Komaarashi
Representative Director
Emyu Rakusai Co., Ltd.

October 27
Yoshiaki Yashiro
Tokai Senko K.K.

November 10
Kenichi Kondo
Director and Manager, Sales Division
Taishoboseki Industries, Ltd.

November 17
Huminori Takasawa
Textile Designer
Takasawa Orimono Co., Ltd.

November 24
Akira Ikeda
Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

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