Career Development Skills Training Part 2

Activity report

Edanz1003_1.JPGOn October 3, 2016, we held the second of a series of seminars titled "Career Development Skills Training." We again invited instructors, Dr. Trevor Lane and Ms. Ayli Chong, from English proofreading company Edanz to hold a session for Leading Program students. The students prepared a CV and a cover letter beforehand. In this session, they each had a mock job interview and they came to realize answering every question properly was not easy at all. At the end of the session, Ms. Chong who played the interviewer picked Ms. Mami Kurosawa (Nishikawa Lab) as the best interviewee.

The seminar addressed the following topics:
1. Your CV and cover letter
2. First impressions at interviews
3. Interview practice and feedback
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