A Class by The Graduate School of Project Design in Ueda

Activity report

On September 12, 2015, students from the Graduate School of Project Design (GSPD) and Prof. Atsushi Koshio visited us on Ueda Campus.
The MOU Shinshu University and GSPD signed the last summer has enabled our program students to take two classes offered at GSPD in Tokyo. The visit was the last part of Prof. Koshio's lectures that our students had been taking. The GSPD students (all of them study for their master's degree while working full-time, by the way) and the program students had a campus tour followed by the last lecture to discuss what they could innovate from the assets we have on Ueda campus (e.g. old weaving machine, silkworms, latest needle-punching machine and other equipment). The day was wrapped up with BBQ after the lecture.
Taking a class together with students who have a full-time job has been truly inspiring for our students; it might have been a little intimidating for them in the beginning but they've learned to get out of their comfort zone and to voice their opinions. It is great to see some sparkles in their eyes, that tells us this joint lecture is well worth to try.

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