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2016.10.06 / Publications

(English book) High sensitivity magnetometers(2016.10.06)

We would like to share the information about a book publication. The design of coil, magnetic core and electronics is important for magnetic energy harvesting. Prof. Kunihisa Tashiro, the head of this project, contributed one chapter of a book:

A. Grosz, M.C.Haji-Sheikh, S. C. Mukhopadayay(eds.), "High sensitivity magnetometers", Springer, 2017(2016.9.27)



(About this book from Springer Web) This book gathers, for the first time, an overview of nearly all of the magnetic sensors that exist today. The book is offering the readers a thorough and comprehensive knowledge from basics to state-of-the-art and is therefore suitable for both beginners and experts. From the more common and popular AMR magnetometers and up to the recently developed NV center magnetometers, each chapter is describing a specific type of sensor and providing all the information that is necessary to understand the magnetometer behavior including theoretical background, noise model, materials, electronics, design and fabrication techniques, etc.

* K. Tashiro, "Chapter 1: Induction Coil magnetometer", pp. 1-39

The background, basis, design and applications of induction magnetometers are summerized. The concept of "Zero-power sensor" based on magnetic energy harvesting is also explained in this chapter.