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2015.12.13 / Topics

Future collaboration with the youngest Band in the world, MADNIC(2015.12.13)

It is a very unique collaboration news to share. The purpose of our magnetic energy harvesting project is to provide both "killer-application" and collaboration opportunities. One of our powerful tool is "Magnetic sonification device" which allows us to use magnetic fields as an art. Dr. Darius Kacprzak, Auckland University in NZ, is famous in inductive power transfer engineering. He and His wife, Kinga Kacprzak, are also the best friends of the head of this project, Prof. Tashiro from more than 15 years before. We will collaborate with a youngest kids band in the world, MADONIC.

MADONIC is an electronic band in NewZealand made up of brothers, Alex Kacprzak, 12 and Marcus Kackprzak, 10 and family friend Konrad Peters, 8. Managed by Alex and Marcus' dad Darius Kacprzak, the boys all play piano and compose instrumental pieces with keyboads and synthesisers. They had not only performed the first concert at Wellington in NewZealand, but also released a CD, Great Day, a 10-track album of original music. You can find the art of MADNIC from YOUTUBE: