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Invited Speakers, Program, Access Maps of CBNM-3 (updated on May 20) 2011.05.19 [ Topicssymposium ]

Invited speakers



Professor S. Bhatia     The University of Queensland, Australia

Professor L. Carluci     University of Milano, Italy

Professor A. Fuchs     the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) / 

                                  Université Pierre et Marie CURIE, France

Dr. J. Jagiello     Micromeritics Instrument Co., USA      

Professor K. E. Gubbins     North Carolina State University, USA

Professor F. Kapteijn     Technology University of Delft, Netherland

Professor C. H. Lee     Yonsei University, Korea   

Professor P. Monson     University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA 

Professor F. Rodiriguez-Reinoso     Alicante University, Spain 

Professor Y. Tao     Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, China

Professor M. Terrones     Pennsylvania State University/Shinshu University, USA/Japan

Professor Feiyu Kang     Tsinghua University, China

Professor M. Abe     Tokyo University of Science, Japan    

Professor M. Endo     Shinshu University, Japan 

Professor Y. Iwasawa     The University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Professor H. Kanoh     Chiba University, Japan

Dr. T. Machida     National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Professor R. Matsuda     Kyoto University, Japan

Professor M. Matsukata     Waseda University, Japan 

Professor M. Miyahara     Kyoto University, Japan

Professor S.-H. Yoon     Kyushu University, Japan

Dr. M. Yudasaka     Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Dr. M. Yoshida     BEL Japan Inc., Japan    


We have other invited speakers from Shinshu University and other Japanese universities.





Detailed Program (updated on May 19)



On May 25, 2012, Friday at Mielparuque Nagano (Hotel)  


     Reception: 18:00-20:00 (updated on May 20)


On May 26, 2012, Saturday 

at Shinshu Advanced Science and Technology Center (SASTec), Conference room on 3rd floor


     Registration: 8:30-10:00

     Oral Presentations: 10:00-11:10, 11:30-12:30, 14:00-15:55, 16:20-18:40

     Poster with snacks: 19:00-20:00


On May 27, 2012, Sunday

at Shinshu Advanced Science and Technology Center (SASTec), Conference room on 3rd floor


     Oral Presentations: 8:30-10:30, 11:00-12:30, 14:00-15:30, 16:00-18:15

     Banquet: 19:00- at Mielparuque Nagano (Hotel)  


On May 28, 2012, Monday


 8:30-12:00 Transportation to Hakuba Highland Hotel by a chartered bus


     Oral Presentations: 14:00-16:00, 16:30-18:30

     Discussion with snacks: After dinner


On May 29, 2012, Tuesday at Hakuba Highland Hotel, Meeting room


     Alicante-Shinshu Joint meeting: 8:30-10:40



 11:00-12:30 Transportation to Nagano Station by a chartered bus



Access Maps



The whole map of CBNM-3 


Access Map (from Nagano station to Mielparque NAGANO (Banquet Place)): 

Access Map (from Nagano station to SASTec (Shinshu Advanced Science and Technology Center)): 

Access Map (Hakuba Highland Hotel):


The route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation of Japan:

Offered by "Hyperdia" (Japanese, English, and Chinese are available)

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