The Kato Foundation for the Science Promotion has awarded the 2014 Kato Memorial Award to Special Contract Professor Morinobu Endo (Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research). The award was for his work on “Development of the carbon nanotube by catalytic vapor phase reaction and its pioneering expansion”. The Kato Memorial Award is granted to one researcher each in the scientific and industrial field every year who has accomplished the significant scientific research results or meritorious achievements.

Special Contract Professor Endo has developed high speed mass productive method for multi-layer carbon nanotubes known as “Endo fibers”, on the based on fundamental scientific research. After becoming the most widely used and common method for synthesizing carbon nanotubes, the reputation of this method could not be overemphasized. At the award ceremony on 14th November 2014, the certificate of award and the gold medal were presented, and Special Contract Professor Endo gave a commemorative lecture.