• Nando contraption
  • Graphene nanowindow potential surface
  • Membrane holder for gas filtering
  • Gas multiprobe adsorption in single wall carbon nanohorn
  • Contraption closeup
  • Water Adsorption Model in a Single Wall Carbon Nanohorn
  • Graphene Monolith SEM (width = 30 micron)

Welcome To Kaneko Group website!


We have been challenging to find out and apply the inherent functions of atomically single layer materials and nanospace materials to sustainable technologies. Single wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) and graphene are special surface solid substances, because all component carbon atoms face front and rear surfaces. These surface solids are idealized interface solids which should have superinterfacial functions. Then, we expect that the surface solids can be applied to create the outstanding catalysts, chemical reactors, adsorbents, sensors, membranes, surface-sensitive devices, and so on. The final goal of our research needs interdisciplinary collaborations with various scientists, engineers, and active students. I will be quite happy, if you could have an interest in our research to carry a fruitful collaboration through this homepage.

--- Katsumi KANEKO

Latest News

  • April222019

    Dr. R. Futamura recieved CSJ Presentation Award 2019

    Dr. Ryusuke Futamura was awarded to CSJ Presentation Award 2019 (優秀講演賞(学術)) at The 99th Annual Meeting 2019 of CSJ (日本化学会 第99春季年会) on March 16-19, 2019 for his work "Subnanometer scale gaps between graphene oxide layers with water adsorption."

  • April12019

    Staff transfers

    Professor Hideki Tanaka has moved to Shinshu University. Then, Kaneko group can collaborate with him and his group. Dr. Radovan Kukobat has promoted to Assistant Professor. Dr. Ryusuke Futamura has moved to Faculty of Science, Shinshu University Matsumoto as Assistant Professor. Dr. Fernando Vallejos-Burugos has moved to Morgan Advance Materiasl Caron Science Centre of Excellence, USA.

  • May152018

    Our group gave a press release about nanowindow research results.

    We announced in a press release that graphene nanowindows can separate air molecules by using one tenth of the energy required by other processes. [PHOTO] [Newspapers clips] [Nikkei Newspaper Notice]

  • Feb222017

    CBNM5 Symposium will be organized by our group at Shinshu University

    We organized CBNM four times since 2007. This time, we will organize one-day symposium for enhancement for mutual scientific interaction among young scientists who have been studying adsorption, carbon, and nanoporous materials. I encourage you to join a scientific breakthrough activity. [NOTICE]

  • Nov142016

    Prof. Kaneko received Division Award of American Institure of Chemical Engineers

    Professor Kaneko was awarded to Division Award of American institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) at 16AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA on November 14 (13-18) 2016 for the research contribution on Seminal Advances in Adsorption Science and in the Structure Analysis of Nonporous Materials. [Award] [PHOTO 1] [PHOTO 2] [PHOTO 3] [PHOTO 4] [PHOTO 5] [PHOTO 6] [PHOTO 7] [PHOTO 8] [PHOTO 9] [PHOTO 10] [Papers presented] [Notice in Shinshu University website]

  • Nov102016

    Dr. F. Vallejos-Burgos got Excellent Poster Award in Conference of Japan Adsorption Society

    Our researcher Fernando Vallejos-Burgos received the poster award in the conference of Japanese Carbon Society 2016 in Nagasaki for his work "Quasi-wall effect in Graphene Nanowindows". [Notice in Shinshu University website (JAPANESE)]

  • Sep22016

    S. Akiyama received Student Award in Surface Technology Association Conference

    Our student Shingo Akiyama received the Student Award in the 'The 134th Surface Technology Association Annual Conference'. [Notice in Shinshu University website (JAPANESE)] [Conference website (JAPANESE)]

  • Nov142016

    Honorary session for Prof. Kaneko in AIChE conference 2016

    An honorary session for Professor Katsumi Kaneko at Conference of American Institute of Chemical Engineering (San Francisco, USA) will be organised. [ LINK]

  • Sep112016

    Shingo Akiyama received student award in IIAE Annual Conference 2016

    Our master student Shingo Akiyama received student award for his presentation on Sensor characterization of stretchable conductive film created from inorganic dispersant containing nanotube ink. (無機分散剤含有ナノチューブインクから作成した伸縮性導電性フィルムのセンサー特性評価). [ Shinshu U Notice] [ Conference Notice.]

  • Jul162016

    Prof. Kaneko, Nando and Radovan gave presentations at Carbon 2016 conference in PennState, USA

    During regular oral sessions, Prof. Kaneko (Distorted Graphene Sheet Structure-Derived Latent Nanoporosity), Fernando Vallejos-Burgos (Quasi-wall effect in graphene-based nanowindows) and Radovan Kukobat (Transparent and conductive film fabrication with the Zn/Al complex-aided SWCNT inks) gave oral presentations in World Conference of Carbon 2016.

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